Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about the Bedford 5k to Beat Lung Cancer

Have questions about the Bedford 5k? We’ll try our best to answer them ahead of time here. Please have a look through our frequently asked questions and if there’s something you want to know that isn’t covered here, please contact us at

Can I register on the morning of the event?

Yes, you can, however we recommend that you preregister so that the morning goes as smoothly as possible, not only for you but for our volunteers as well. And there are a few incentives to pre-register, including:

  • advance race kit pickup (so you avoid the lines on the morning of the event)
  • you save a couple of bucks for registering in advance ($2/individual or $5/family or $15/team)
  • early-bird registrants also have the opportunity to pre-order an official technical fabric t-shirt in their size
  • plus you simply really help us out with organization by helping us know ahead of time how many people we should expect at the event
Can I still buy a t-shirt if I register AFTER the early bird deadline?

You can, though we are only ordering a select number of shirts above and beyond those ordered by the early bird registrants, so it will be first come first serve on sizes. Your best bet to get the size you want is to register before the early bird deadline and order the t-shirt in your desired size at that time.

Please note that t-shirts available on the day of the event are CASH ONLY.

Is the distance of the route officially 5k?

The Bedford 5k route has not been verified by any third-party running organization. However, the organizers of the Bedford 5k have confirmed using a surveyor’s wheel that the Bedford 5k route is exactly 5 kilometres if correctly followed.

Is this a timed event?

Yes. The Bedford 5k is timed using a variation of the “popsicle stick” method commonly used by smaller races. We mark finish times digitally as participants cross the finish line. Each participant also hands their race bib tear-off number to a timing volunteer. These numbers are then electronically scanned and matched to the stored finish times. Using this method, we can announce our male and female winners within moments of their completing the race. We post complete race results on the Bedford 5k website not long after the race is finished.

Is the race route closed?

No. Access to the race route is controlled, but not closed. Halifax Regional Municipality motorcycle police provide supervision of the portion of the race route which is open to vehicular traffic (Waterfront Drive as well as Shore Drive, from Hatchery Lane southward).

Can I participate in both the Kids' Sprint AND the Adult 5km run?

Yes. In fact, we encourage parents to join their children in the Kids’ Sprint. Please note: If you plan to run the 5k as well, we ask that you only take one medal, for the event you consider your primary event (typically, the 5k is considered the primary event by those who run both).

Can my child participate in the 5k?

As a parent, we leave that decision to you. Participants of all ages are welcome to run or walk the 5km route. Participants under 12 must be supervised at all times by a parent or legal guardian. Parents shall be responsible for determining if a child is capable of completing the 5km route.

Can I walk/run with a stroller?

Of course! All we ask is that you be mindful of the crowd. If you’re a slower runner or walker, please stay towards the back of the crowd at the start so that others aren’t trying to find a way around you in the rush of the start.

Be aware that there is a short trail section that you’ll cross twice along the route and so small wheeled strollers are not recommended. It’s also a narrower section of the route so we would ask that you ensure you are off to the right side as you go through the trail section.

Can I bring my dog with me on the route?

Yes, you may. We have three specific requirements. First, please consider whether your dog will be comfortable in a large crowd setting like the one we usually have at this event. Importantly, we require dogs to be on-leash at all times while you participate. And we ask that at the start of the event in particular, you hang back towards the rear of the crowd so runners are not having to go around you to move ahead in the crowd. With these three things in mind, we expect you would be able to participate safely with your dog, while observing any applicable rules of the properties we use during the event, including Dewolf Park, city streets, and waterfront properties.

May I ride a bicycle on the route?
For the safety of our participants, we do not permit bicycles on the race route. Some event volunteers may use bicycles to transit between work stations.
Will there be a water station along the route?
Yes. We will have at least one water station on the route and possibly a second. We still recommend that all walkers/runners consider bringing a water bottle with them as well. Hydration is important, even on a relatively short route and we have had some beautiful weather on race day in the past, which means it can get pretty warm on the route.
Are there washrooms near the route?
Yes. DeWolf Park has a permanent set of washrooms near the playground area. For Bedford Days, additional temporary facilties are often set up in the park.
What methods of payment do you accept?

There are different methods of payment available for different things and at different times, as follows:

Advance Registration – online
Advance registration is available online (see registration section for details) with payment made by credit card.

Race Kit Pickup – offline
If you register in person during race kit pickup, you may pay with:

  • cash
  • cheque made out to the Canadian Cancer Society
  • VISA (by filling out our printed registration form – the transaction will actually be rung through by the Canadian Cancer Society directly in this case some time after the event).

If you register on race day, you may pay with:

  • cash
  • cheque made out to the Canadian Cancer Society
  • VISA (by filling out our printed registration form – the transaction will actually be rung through by the Canadian Cancer Society directly in this case some time after the event).
Is my registration tax-deductible?
No. Canada Revenue Agency rules prohibit the deduction of any amount for which something is received in return – because, strictly speaking, your registration is not a donation and is instead payment for participation in an event for which you receive a medal, the registration is not tax reductible. However, any amount greater than $10 that you donate above and beyond your registration fee is eligible for a tax deduction. Tax receipts are mailed to only to those individuals that request it. This also requires that you provide your full name and mailing address in your registration. Similarly, donations that are made in your name through the RunningRoom website (once you are a registered participant, you have the ability to raise funds on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society through your account on by inviting friends, family and colleagues to “sponsor” your run) are eligible for tax receipts. Those donors who request a tax receipt for any eligible donation will be mailed a tax receipt after the event by the Canadian Cancer Society.
Can I do my own fundraising/pledge drive?
Yes. Once you register online, you will then have the ability to send emails to friends, family and colleagues seeking donations to the Canadian Cancer Society on your behalf. This is the preferred means by which participants may conduct their own pledge drive. We sometimes have prizes donates specifically to be awarded to the participant that brings in the most in pledges. If an offline pledge drive is desired, please contact us at to make arrangements to receive the official Canadian Cancer Society donor forms.
Why aren't t-shirts included in registration?
It’s a cost versus timing. T-shirts are actually pretty pricey unless you do cheap, thin cotton ones, or you have the ability to place such a large order that the per unit cost comes down to a reasonable level. But our event isn’t yet large enough to do the latter, and we want nice technical t-shirts with our graphic proudly displayed on the front. And that comes at a price – generally about $9 per shirt. Couple that with timing – in order to have technical t-shirts with custom printing on them done and in our hands for the event, we have to order them as close to one month in advance as possible. Most people register for a 5k late. Very late. We pick up almost half of registrations on the morning of the event. So if we wanted to provide t-shirts within registration, we would have to guess on sizing, and order many more than we actually need to ensure that we don’t run out of the sizes people want. So t-shirts as a free part of registration was never in the cards for us. And so that’s why we went with medals. And they aren’t cheap either because ours our custom designed and metal cast. But thankfully, one size fits all.

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